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Destination Guide Bangkok: Skytrain

Thailand Bangkok is greener and cleaner - viewed from the Bangkok skytrain above. Bangkok’s skytrain has revolutionized travel within the congested Thai capital. Opened by HM King on his birthday (05 December 1999) the mass transport system changed life overnight for millions of city commuters. The system is spotlessly clean, fast, efficient, and relatively cheap. Previously a trip between two busy commercial centers of Silom and Suriwongse would have taken at least an hour by taxi.  More info Route map

Now, in a matter of minutes, commuters can fly over Bangkok’s rooftops to arrive at their choice of destination. Stations have a range of kiosk shops with products ranging from coffee to cell phones. Computerized ticketing save busy travelers time – if they have the right change! Views from the train offer an interesting contrast from that of the street level; from the train you can actually get the impression that Bangkok is a vertical city not far detached from the media projections of New York  

The system is not perfect and the long flights of steps up to the stations has been cited as the main reason why elderly and disabled would-be patrons are still taking the bus. The situation is likely to change after a South Korean government offer of escalators for all station. Installation is expected to be completed by the middle of year 2000.

The northern part of the line goes to Mawchit (northern bus station) and a simple hop to Chatuchuk market opens a new and exotic world for western visitors. This sprawling bazaar is one of the most celebrated in Bangkok with offering that range from plastic kitchenware to snake oil.

Fares on the skytrain are reasonably priced between 10 (25c) and 30 Baht (75c) for a short hop. Stored value cards are also available for frequent users.

For centrally located visitors the thought of using a taxi will probably never cross your mind. After the first trip on the skytrain!

Bangkok skytrain arrives at Silom station
Train arriving at Silom main station.
What is this building?
Convention Hall?
Bangkok skytrain ticket barrier
Ticket barriers
Bangkok skytrain ticket assistance
Ticket machines
Bangkok skytrain is a fast way to move around the congested city
Modern and comfortable interior
Bangkok skytrain revellers miss the ground traffic
What skytrain commuters get to miss!

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